Health Insurance

I sell health insurance for under 65 to large and small groups with Anthem, United HealthCare, Allied and National General. I cannot offer individual ACA qualified plans off of the Marketplace with any company. I can help you sign up for the plans that are offered on the Marketplace, but I do not sell insurance for the companies that are currently selling insurance on the Marketplace. I do offer alternative plans at more affordable prices. These include Medi-Share, Short Term Medical and Limited Benefit plans.


For those 65 and over I offer Medicare Supplements from multiple companies that supplement Part A & Part B of Medicare, these plans can give you great coverage with very little out of pocket. I also offer many Part D prescription drug plans. I help my clients find the best option for the medications and the pharmacy they prefer to use. If a plan is better that I do not offer, I will help the client sign up without compensation because I do what is best for my client. I also offer Medicare Advantage plans for the clients that cannot qualify for Medicare Supplement or cannot afford the Medicare Supplement. Medicare Advantage plans I offer through Humana, United HealthCare, Anthem, Reid Health Alliance and Aetna.

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Supplemental Insurance Options

Purchasing supplemental insurance will lessen your liability and provide coverage you would otherwise not have. Major medical insurance does not cover dental expenses unless it is a medical disease. Critical Illness insurance helps pay the deductibles and unexpected expenses when you have a critical illness. It could even pay your rent or mortgage while you are off work. Disability insurance is to pay for the cost of living while you are off work, whether it is a short period of 6 weeks or up to 5 years for many policies. Short or Long Term Care policies help to pay for home health or nursing home care, if needed. Many major medical policies do not cover the majority of these expenses.

Critical Illness


Long-Term Care